In the beginning…

And so it begins…

This marks the very first post of my new personal blog! I plan on posting a lot of updates about my writing and the road to getting published.

You will also be seeing a few posts here and there with peaks into my very random, odd life. I’ll keep it interesting, don’t worry.

I will definitely need YOUR help in making sure that this blog succeeds and reaches all that might be interested. If you’re connected with me on social media (which you should be…*hint hint*), the please share with others! It means a lot.

For my first writing update on the fantasy series that I’m writing:

I am at the 2nd draft stage of the story. The story was going in one direction and I decided, after attending a writing conference that opened my eyes to a lot of things, that I needed to take a new approach.

For this story, I thought of making it in 1st person present (yes, I actually enjoy stories written in that tense.). Now I have realized that the story fits better in the 3rd person past tense. Since there is so much detail in the story, 3rd person will allow the reader to be able to find out more about the world in which my MC lives. It’ll be worth it, trust me.

I’ll keep you all updated as more developments happen! In the mean time, hit that share button! 🙂


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