Project H

If you read my intro post (if not, read it here), then you got a small update on where I’m at in my writing process. It didn’t reveal THAT much, so I thought I’d let you all in on just a bit more of my WIP. Any further posts you see will refer to it as Project H until it comes time to submit and publish.

Project H is going to be a fantasy series and geared towards the YA crowd, but all ages should be able enjoy it. It is set in a completely alternate world, but primarily takes place on one continent. Terrain is widely varied.

My MC (let’s call him MC-R) lives in one of the 7 cities (8 different civilizations, though) on this continent. An event happens that forces him out of the comfort and familiarity of his city and has him on a journey looking for answers. If it were his choice, he would forget about it all and go back to his studies. However, he (and others) NEED these answers and only the leader of one of the other cities can help him get them.

So what can you expect from this story? Friendship, suspense, mystery, humor, conflict, tragedy, and probably a few facepalm moments via MC-R’s best friend.

This is all I shall reveal for now (you know, since I’m still writing it). As time goes on, you’ll learn more! Keep an eye out for more updates on Project H and what to look forward to 🙂


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